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The Anatomy of

Gage Zanghi

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Gage is a talented individual when it comes to wielding a pen and camera. As a natural born thinker with leadership skills, challenges on set come as a puzzle to him. 

With experience in different mediums and tiers, Gage has developed a range of skills that prove useful in storytelling across multiple platforms.

Music Video Anchor

Reely Cool Stuff (I'll stop)

Music Videos

Script Coverage

No time to read?

I'm here to provide support, feedback, and critical notes.


Ideas are one in infinity. 

I'm a fan of plucking a good one out of the ether.


Perfect Things

A good bowl of ramen.

Completely zoning out.

Post-running exhaustion.

Making a really pretty picture.


Air Traffic Controllers HATE This Guy!

Find out the secret to staring at a computer screen for hours on end.

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