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Gage Zanghi

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Gage is a talented individual when it comes to wielding a pen and camera. As a natural born thinker with leadership skills, challenges on set come as a puzzle to him. 

With experience in different mediums and tiers, Gage has developed a range of skills that prove useful in storytelling across multiple platforms.

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Reely Cool Stuff (I'll stop)

Chasing Illusions - Official Music Video

Chasing Illusions - Official Music Video

Check out GUITARlab Modern Blues Guitar Academy Online: Official Music Video of 'Chasing Illusions' by Davide Pannozzo Director - Jack Haggerty Director of Photography - Gage Zanghi Producer - Dominic Giello Produced by Watchtower New York Camera Provided by Media Logistics Movi Operator - Keith Ferreira 1st Camera Assistant - Jordan Fuller Precision Driver - Nick Sweeney Camera PA - Jess Licata & Stefan D'Amico Production PA - Joanna Mischo Edited by Jack Haggerty and Gage Zanghi Colored by Gage Zanghi Listen to "Chasing Illusions" on Spotify: ============= Lezioni di Chitarra Blues Moderna di Davide Pannozzo GUITARlab Modern Blues Guitar Academy: /// Modern Blues Guitar Lessons /// [] Impara come suonare il Modern Blues con me nella mia " GUITARlab Modern Blues Guitar Academy" online. Nella mia Guitar Academy online, mi concentro sull'insegnarti a suonare varie tecniche sulla Chitarra Blues. Imparerai le tecniche di base per gli assoli ed elementi di accompagnamento fino alle tecniche più avanzate come l'improvvisazione sui cambi di accordi jazz blues, come approcciarti agli standard jazz blues, agli standard rock blues, all'improvvisazione moderna e molto altro! Oltre ad insegnarti le tecniche, ti mostrerò come arrangiare e comporre le tue canzoni (Guitar Solo Arrangements) sulla chitarra e ti darò accesso a Masterclass settimanali (solo per gli studenti dell'opzione Membership). Basta iscriversi per ottenere i tuoi primi tutorial e lezioni di chitarra gratuiti: Ti farò sapere via email quando saranno aperte le iscrizioni per i nuovi studenti del mio portale didattico GUITARlab Modern Blues Guitar Academy. Mettiti in contatto su Facebook: Mettiti in contatto su Instagram: Sito Web: Musica:

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Ideas are one in infinity. 

I'm a fan of plucking a good one out of the ether.


Perfect Things

A good bowl of ramen.

Completely zoning out.

Post-running exhaustion.

Making a really pretty picture.


Air Traffic Controllers HATE This Guy!

Find out the secret to staring at a computer screen for hours on end.

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